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About Taylor

Taylor Morcio 

Founder of Taylor'd Beauty in Buffalo, NY
Certified Microblading Artist

Welcome to Taylor’d Beauty, my name is Taylor   I am a licensed certified Microblading Artist. I say, Artist, because throughout my life I have been an Artist with numerous Blue Ribbons and Art scholarships. With this background in art, my objective is to impose my artistic abilities on you as an individual, making you even more beautiful and feeling better about yourself. I look around and I see beauty in all men and women, I also see men and women that need a little help in enhancing their NATURAL features, and I am the person to fulfill that expectation. I have perfected the finest lines, with the finest touch and the best color pigmentation. I offer personalization where you are part of my artistry.

That being said, let me help!!

Have you over plucked, waxed, and or have thinning eyebrows? Do you have scars or gaps, and wish to redefine your eyebrow shape or merely wish to just fill in the brows? The Microstroke technique I follow and use looks natural Your brows will not have that penciled filler look. I strive for perfection and want all of my clients leaving confident with a smile on their faces - would you want or expect anything less??

Thank you for being YOU!

Taylor Morcio

Taylor’d Beauty
Where we make YOU feel beautiful.

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