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Luxury Eyeliner Permanent Make-up After Care Instructions

Eyeliner Permanent Makeup Aftercare Instructions

Now that your eyeliner is on point, the following instructions are recommended to ensure the longevity of your pigment.

Day of the Procedure:

Do NOT touch or wash your eyes. Your eyes may feel tight and swollen, this is normal.
Before bed you may ice your eyes. Apply a clean cloth to the eye to act as a barrier between the eye and ice. Never apply the ice directly to the eye.
Do not wash the eyes, try to keep them dry for the next 48hrs

Day 2

Avoid touching and washing your eyes on day 2. The eyes may be swollen the day after the procedure. This is a normal reaction for some clients as some swell more than others. The swelling should start going down throughout the day and the eyes should look better by the end of the second day.

Day 3-5

If the skin feels very dry by day 3, you can apply a thin layer of Aquaphor. Wash your hands and apply Aquaphor with a Q-tip. Do not apply too much to avoid adverse reactions.

Avoid the following over from Day 1-7 of the Healing process..

– Do not wear eye makeup for 1 week
– No saunas
– No pools / swimming
– No sunbathing
– Do not peel scabs (you may cause scarring if otherwise)