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Luxury Lip Permanent Make-up After Care Instructions

Lip Permanent Makeup Aftercare Instructions

Now that you have NEW Beautiful voluptuous lips, Please adhere to the following care instructions to ensure the longevity of your pigment.

The Healing Process…

Your lips will be fully healed within the next 4-5 days.
Over the course of this time, your lips will continue to fade to their true color.
Some individuals do experience minimal peeling/scabbing. This is normal, however  we want to prevent this as much as possible.

Aftercare Instructions :

Day of the Procedure: It is very important to remove all the lymph (Clear, white secretion), to prevent scabbing. Immediately following your procedure, blot the area with a clean wet cotton pad, every 20 mins for the remainder of the day. We need to keep the lips hydrated the remainder of the day by applying a thin layer of Aquaphor when needed.

Sometimes the lips can bruise even after the procedure, do not worry, the bruising will go away within a couple of hours after the procedure.

Days 1 -5 your lips must stay hydrated. At all times throughout the day, ensure your lips haves thin layer Aquaphor on them. It is recommended to apply the Aquaphor a minimum of 5 times a day.

Avoid the following from Day 1-5
– Kissing
– Hot Dishes – cut your food up in small portions before consuming
– Hot Drinks – Drink through a straw
– Makeup (lipsticks, glosses)
– Tanning Beds
– Saunas
– Swimming

Days 5 – 30
Continue applying Aquaphor when dry or needed.