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Luxury Powdered Brow Permanent Makeup After Care Instructions

Powder Brow Permanent Makeup Aftercare Instructions

Now that you have those eye raising brows, Please adhere to the following after care instructions to ensure the longevity of your pigment.

Day of the Procedure: Immediately following your procedure your aftercare regiment begins by blotting the brow area with a clean cotton pad

  • Oily Skin – clean the skin by blotting every 30 min for the first 3 hours(total 6 times)
  • ​Dry skin – clean the skin by blotting every hour for the first 3 hours (total of 3 times)

After blotting the area, apply a thin layer of Aquaphor

  • Before bed oily skin may be washed using lukewarm water, very gently removing the lymph, pat dry and apply ointment
  • Dry skin may not be washed if the skin does not have visible lymph showing on top of the skin, just make sure your skin is moist before bed.

After blotting the area, apply a thin layer of Aquaphor

Day 2
​Oily or dry skin may be gently washed one more times if the skin eliminated lymph during night, pat dry and apply thin layer of Aquaphor. If no lymph is visible, then just keep the eyebrows hydrated with the Aquaphor as needed.Apply ointment only when you feel the skin is dry.

Day 3 -7

It is important that you continue to keep the brow area hydrated. It is recommended to apply Aquaphor as long as the skin is still scabbed, and even after. The Aquaphor will help your skin regenerate faster and better.

Avoid the following..

– Makeup
– Tanning Beds

– Saunas

– Swimming