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When treating breast cancer during a mastectomy, the nipple is typically removed along with the rest of the breast(s) tissue.
This Nipple and/or areola reconstruction, commonly referred to as Micropigmentation, would be the final phase of breast reconstruction.

This is a separate procedure done by a licensed cosmetic tattoo artist to make the reconstructed breast look more like the original breast. It would be performed as the final stage of a complete breast reconstruction. Scheduling may be done about 3 to 4 months after surgery allowing the newly reconstructed breast time to heal.

The main advantage of cosmetic areola tattooing is that it is a relatively quick and simple outpatient procedure which requires no more than topical anesthesia, and does not create any additional scaring.

In fact, micropigmentation can be used to camouflage the color to the color of your skin and soften the texture of existing scars left behind from the initial breast reconstruction procedure.

As a skilled professional I can simulate the color, shape, and texture of the area surrounding the nipple, areola, creating the optical illusion of texture and dimension making the flat nipple tattoo look 3-dimensional.

I will mix various pigments to come up with the absolute perfect color to complement your skin tones and/or to match your remaining nipple.

Achieving the perfect shades may require more than one visit, and as with any tattoo, the pigment will fade over time, necessitating a return visit for a color touch-up.