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Before Your Appointment

Restrictions Prior to Your Appointment

.Pre-Appointment Restrictions


The following restrictions are to ensure your skin is in the best possible condition for any of Taylor’d Beauty Cosmetic Tattooing Procedures.

Please come to all appointments and be prepared to acknowledge the following:

  • I have NOT received Botox or Fillers within the last 8 weeks in the area of the procedure.
  • All medications have been stable and the dosage has not changed within the last 8 weeks.
    • If you are on any of the following medications, please give us a call prior to booking your appointment to ensure these do not effect your procedure and proper healing.
      • Blood Thinners
      • Immune – suppressants
      • Heart Condition
      • Accutane
      • Radiation or Chemo therapy
    • I have stopped all omega’s and fish oils (with doctor consent) 1 week prior and the day of the procedure.

If you CAN NOT agree to any of the following conditions above, we MUST reschedule your appointment.

All clients

  • Must take some type of Benadryl or antihistamine (allergy relief) 1 hour before your appointment. NO ADVIL or TYLENOL 
  • Do not make use of tanning bed 24 hours prior S
  • Avoid Coffee, or Tea the morning of your appointment
  • Makeup is preferred, except eyeliner clients. Photos will be taken of your transformation. It is suggested clients bring makeup to reapply after the appointment.

Eyeliner procedure

  • Be prepared to remove contact lenses (these can be reinserted after treatment)
  • Lash Serums must be stopped minimally 2 weeks prior to the appointment
  • Lash Extensions must be removed 1 week prior to the appointment

Lip procedure

  • Clients must start taking L-Lysine (1,000 MG /DAY) for 1 week prior to their appointment (this supplement can be found at any GNC or FeelRite store, etc.. This supplement is very important to ensure for proper healed results
  • COLD SORES – if you are someone who is prone to cold sores you must take Valtrex (this is prescribed by your doctor). You must take it 2 days prior, the day of the procedure,  and 3 days after.
  • Your lips MUST be properly hydrated. If your lips are chapped, you will not retain pigment in that area. You must hydrate your lips 1 to 2 weeks prior to your appointment. We recommend applying AQUAPHOR or OLIVE OIL to the lips 2x a day.
  • Exfoliate your lips 7 days prior to your appointment until dead skin is removed. Make a scrub by mixing Sugar and Honey together.

Brow procedure

  • Do NOT exfoliant the procedural area for 24 hours before and 7 days after treatment
  • Please do not pluck or wax brows 3 days prior to the appointment

Areola Reconstruction procedure 

  • Exfoliate with a dry brush or loofah 48 hours before appointment
  • No spray tan 1 week prior to appointment
  • Do not wear any lotions or perfumes day of procedure

Pregnancy or Breastfeeding

We will not perform any permanent makeup procedure during pregnancy or while breastfeeding.

You will find this is the policy for most permanent makeup artists. In truth, there is very little scientific medical research on tattoo ink and pregnancy, nor is there any research on the ink we use (the ink in permanent makeup is different from tattoo ink). However, until there is clarity on the subject from medical professionals, our policy remains.


I thoroughly understand that Taylor’d Beauty is obligated to and will turn away any client if the technician does not feel the client will benefit from permanent makeup and/or if the technician feels they are putting either themselves or the client as risk.

Thank you,

Taylor Morcio

Taylor Morcio, Taylor’d Beauty, LLC


If you have any questions about these restrictions, please give us a call! We’re happy to help.