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Permanent Makeup Services - Eyebrows

Living Brows

Eyebrows are the most important element of an individual’s appearance. Believe it or not, your eyebrows shape your face! They emphasize your beauty and the symmetry of your face. Proper shape and beautiful full brows, will help bring the focus to your eyes, making you appear younger & more rested, and can hide fatigue.

Together we will find your perfect brow look! Each Client’s brow is customizable. The color and shape is determined by your facial structure, dimensions, age and skin undertone.

Our Living Brow Service, also commonly referred to as Nano Brows, a semi- permanent tattoo. This is a SAFER & LESS INVASIVE technquie used than Microblading.

How it works..

Each client starts with a proper consultation. This consultation can be booked separately, unless authorized by our Receptionist, because you are compliant with your pre-appiontment guidelines.. The purpose of the consultation, is to ensure you are a good fit for Permanent Makeup and to educate you on the healing process, aftercare, things to avoid, ect. before starting the procedure.

Immediately after taking your before photos, we will spend approximately 1hour to

1hr 30mins pre-drawing your new brow look. Each client is properly sterilized and their face is specifically measured. These measurements are then used to start free-hand/ drawing your brows. Our signature pre-drawing technique is very realistic. Clients can easily see exactly what their new brows will look like.

Once you have approved the pre-drawing of your new brows. we begin the Living Brow procedure. Our specialized European technique (Nano Technology: Nano Brows) allows for minimal to zero discomfort. Yes, we will numb the area once the skin is open, however, our technique is so sophisticated, advanced and gentle we do not need to use a pre-numb anesthetic on the area.

Artist Pricing

All bookings require a $100.00 deposit down to hold the reservation

Master Artist:


Taylor has over 6+ years of experience in Cosmetic Tattooing. National Award-Winning Artist.

Service Includes: Initial Brow appointment, aftercare kit (2x), and 6-week follow-up visit.

Brow results last 2-4 years depending on skin type.

Nano Brows


Nano Technology

First it is very important you understand, this is NOT Microblading. This is a digital technique, also referred to as the Nano Brow. The device we use is very similar to a body art tattooing machine.

Nano technology has been around since the 1930’s, yet this style of Permanent Makeup is very new to the Buffalo market (5-7 years old). As Permanent Makeup trends and styles have changed over the years, so have our artistic techniques, needles and pigments. Nano needles mimic acupuncture needles – they have more flexibility, which allows your artist to be very precise, while creating clean crispy lines or hairstrokes. Nano needles are also sharper and finer.


❔🧐How does it work:

As your artist moves across the skin, your pigment is immediately deposited into the area in which the needle hits the skin. There is no physical cutting of the skin; like a Microblade.


Benefits to Nano Technology:

✅ Less invasive than Microblading
✅ Procedure is acceptable for ANY and ALL skin types
✅ Clean, Crisp healed results
✅ Shorter/ Quicker Healing time than Microblading
✅ Healed results last 2-3 years depending on your skin type



The Living Brow is the ultimate brow and the most natural brow look. Taylor was inspired by other renowned European Artists to bring this signature European technique and style to the United States. Our Living Brow signature look offers both hair strokes and shading to build density where needed. Both of these techniques combined, achieve a beautiful defined yet natural brow. Your Artist will assess your skin types, and suggest what is best for you.

Clients are recommended to get a Color Boost touch up on their brows every 2-3 years. This will keep your brows looking fresh. Your Artist will always block off 2 1/2 hours of their time. Standard hourly tattooing rates are applied at $175/hr at the time of check out.