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Eyebrows are the most important element of an individual’s appearance. Believe it or not, your eyebrows shape your whole face! They emphasize your beauty and the symmetry of your face. Beautiful eyebrows will bring the focus to your eyes, make you look younger, rested, and hide fatigue. Together we will find your perfect shape! This is determined by your face type and the shape of the eyebrows that best suits you. We provide 2 options for our clients based on the look they wish to achieve and the desired longevity of the pigment. Each option represents the most the natural and flawless beauty

Nano Brow

The Nano Brow is the simulation of hair strokes for a very natural look. This procedure actually gets its name from the needle used, a Nano Needle. This is a single Micro-needle connected to a conventional needle device. This device moves the needle 120 times in one second. (Speed of the needle is dictated by the artist according the device being used. At Taylor Beauty, we use only the highest quality devices; Linelle Supreme by Amiea)  As the needle moves up into the cartridge, it grabs the pigment, and as it move down it implants the pigment into the Dermis, the second layer of the skin.

The Permanent Makeup Artist operating the device has complete control of the depth of the needle. The Needle sits approximately 0.89 mm outside of the cartridge which allows for the the Artist to work very superficial. Precise pressure is applied to create the perfect crisp hair strokes resulting in for very natural results.

This procedure is less invasive than Microblading, therefore no anesthetic or pre-numbing is needed. The healed hair strokes are much more clean and crisp and actually look like hair.

For more info on the difference between the Nano Brow and Microblading, click on our blog.

Powder Brow

This misty two-toned brow, simulates the appearance of a powder filled eyebrow. This procedure is less invasive than microblading by using a device (At Taylor Beauty, we use only the highest quality devices, Linelle Supreme by Amiea)  which introduces pigment into the Dermis. This European technique allows for the pigment to last up to on average 3-4 years depending on the condition and age of your skin.

Combination Brow

The Combination Brow the ultimate brow treatment. It offers the best of both powdered and hair strokes combined together to achieve a beautifully natural yet defined brow. The inner brow is feathered with hair strokes while the tails are powdered to achieve the perfect definition. This European technique allows for the pigment to last up to on average 3-4 years depending on the condition and age of your skin.


Microblading also known as 3D brows is a semi-permanent tattooing of the eyebrow where ink is introduced into the skin by using a handheld blade. Hair like strokes are created to enhance and create a natural brow. Since the strokes are only introduced into the epidermal layer of the skin the original brow hairs are untouched.  Proper aftercare will enhance the longevity of the microbladed strokes lasting on average 12-18 months

Frequently asked questions about permanent brows

Will My Brows Fade Once They Are Healed?

When you first have your permanent makeup done, the color will be 40% darker than as your brows heal to be. Remember the pigment is healing under your skin, not on top of it. I always prefer to air on the side of caution initially so you can get used to your new brows, but I would say 95% of my clients return for there top-up wanting them a little darker. This should always be fully explained and understood before any permanent makeup is applied.

What Color Will You Use For My Brows?

At Taylor’d Beauty, we only use the highest quality of Pigments in the European Market, known as Amiea. These pigments are Organic, thus they are 100% safe with limited to no chance of allergy to any natural ingredients. Did I mention they are Animal Cruelty free too! When choosing your color, we take into account your skin tone and hair color to get the perfect color for you. This is also discussed and confirmed with you before we start any procedure.

Do You Have To Remove The Brow Hair That Is Already There?

NO! There is absolutely no need to remove the brow hair that is already there. Keeping this will add a more natural dimension to your brow. The only time any hair may need to be removed is small amounts to shape the brow to get the best shape possible for you. We want to get you to the point where to no longer need to pluck or wax your brows! That being said, you should not have your brows waxed or threaded immediately before the procedure (3-5 days prior) as this may cause irritation and will open your pores and pigment may get into the pores.

Can Permanent Brows Be Removed?

As mentioned earlier, this is permanent makeup however is does fade. If you have had substandard work somewhere and you are not happy with the results, then I can advise you according to whatever the issue is, whether it be colour, placement or shape. There are numerous ways of removal for permanent make up the most widely used being laser. This is why its so important for you to do your research and to trust your permanent makeup artist.


Plan on being at the salon for 2 1/2 hrs for either brow procedure. Don’t worry the whole time is not spent tattooing. For the first 45mins to an hour we are pre-drawing your brows, we cover the healing process, and how to properly take care of your brows.


Microblading will take roughly 14 days to heal, you must follow the proper after care instructions given to ensure the longevity of your strokes.
Powder brow will take roughly 5-7 days to heal, again you must follow the proper after care instructions given to ensure the longevity of your brow.
Nano Brow will take roughly 5-7 days to heal, again you must follow the proper after care instructions given to ensure the longevity of your brow.


Your aftercare regiment is critical for long lasting results. Microblading will last on average 12- 18 months. If you are looking for a more permanent look the powder brow will last 3-4 years, or the Nano Brow 2-3 yrs. A touch up is recommended 2 to 2 1/2 years in to keep your pigment fresh!