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Permanent Makeup Services - Eyeliner

Permanent Eyeliner

Your eyes are the most attractive detail of your face. So why not enhance them! Permanent eyeliner is the ultimate way to wake up with beautiful, perfectly placed, eye- defining eyes.

It is 100% smudge proof, natural but noticeable and it helps to draw the attention right to your eyes. You will look more refreshed and more awake.

How it works..

Each client starts with a proper consultation. This consultation can be booked separately, unless authorized by our Receptionist, because you are compliant with your pre-appiontment guidelines.. The purpose of the consultation, is to ensure you are a good fit for Permanent Makeup and to educate you on the healing process, aftercare, things to avoid, ect. before staring the procedure.

Immediately after taking your before photos, we will spend approximately 1hour to
1hr 30mins pre- drawing your new brow look. Each client is properly sterilized and their face is specifically measured. These measurements are then used to start free-hand/ drawing your eyeliner. Our signature pre-drawing technique is very realistic. Clients can easily see exactly what their new eyeliner will look like.

Once you have approved the pre-drawing of your new brows. we begin the Eyeliner procedure. Our specialized European technique allows for minimal to zero discomfort for years of results. Permanent Eyeliner last on average 3 to 5 years.

Artist Pricing

All bookings require a $100.00 deposit down to hold the reservation

Master Artist:


Taylor has over 6+ years of experience in Cosmetic Tattooing. National Award-Winning Artist.

Service Includes: Initial Eyeliner appointment, aftercare kit (2x), and 6-week follow-up visit.

Brow results last 2-4 years depending on skin type.

We offer three different types of eyeliner..


Stardust eyeliner

This can vary from a medium line along the lashline with gradual pixel stardust eyeshadow to a bolder, thicker line to make your eyes ‘pop’. This look enhances and widens your eye, giving you a more wakeful appearance.


Classic eyeliner

Brings more attention and definition to your eyes. This look mimics a bolder makeup look on top of the eyelid giving you clean straight lines.


Lash Enhancement Eyeliner

Gives more definition to lash line by implanting pigment in between your lashes. This creates the appearance of thicker lashes and can help widen your eyes. This look is very subtle and ultra-pretty.