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Permanent Makeup Services - Lips

Luminous Lips

Your lips immediately attract the attention of the person you are talking to. Lips arouse interest and are considered to be an expression of a woman’s sensuality, tenderness, and sexuality.

In many cultures throughout the world, a woman’s mouth and lips are sacred, so every woman should pay special attention to them.

How it works..

Luminous Lips are also commonly known as Lip Blushing Tattoo.
This consultation can be booked separately unless authorized by our Receptionist because you are compliant with your pre-appointment guidelines… The purpose of the consultation is to ensure you are a good fit for Permanent Makeup and to educate you on the healing process, aftercare, things to avoid, etc. before starting the procedure.

Immediately after taking your before photos, we will spend approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour and 15 minutes pre-drawing your new lips. Every client is properly sterilized, and your lips will be appropriately measured to your facial structure and proportions. These measurements are used to shape and define your lips. Our signature pre-drawing technique is very realistic, it helps clients like you see exactly what your new lips will look like.

Once you approve the pre-drawing of your new lips, we will talk about color options. Our specialized European technique allows for minimal to zero discomfort. Yes, we will numb the area, however, our technique is so sophisticated, advanced, and gentle that our clients find themselves completely relaxed and comfortable.


All bookings require a $100.00 deposit down to hold the reservation

Master Artist:


Taylor has over 6+ years of experience in Cosmetic Tattooing. National Award-Winning Artist.

Service Includes: Initial Brow appointment, aftercare kit (2x), and 6-week follow-up visit.

Brow results last 2-4 years depending on skin type.

Luminous Lips


Luminous Lips

In today’s demanding on-the-go lifestyle, you want to have naturally defined lips all day long, without the need to put on lipstick several times a day.

Luminous Lip, also known as Lip Blush Tattoo, adds fullness and enhances your cupid’s bow and lateral sides to bring your lips back to life.

An added benefit: This application will also stimulate and produce new collagen, so say goodbye to any wrinkles you may have in/around your lips!



Are you a luminous lip candidate ?

Are you a Luminous Lip Candidate?

  • Has the pigment around the border of your lips become noticeably lighter?
  • Do you have sun damaged lips, or unevenness, or are you someone who’s lost their lip shape as a result of cold sores or injury?
  • Do you want fuller, more defined lips? Also, great to pair with Botox and Fillers.
  • Rock your favorite Nude Lipstick without ever having to reapply.

❔🧐 Cold Sores:

Cold sores — also called fever blisters. This a virus that lies dormant in nerve cells in your skin. Cold sores may re-occur after the procedure due to stress, trauma, and inflammation in the area. To prevent any type of outbreak, ALL clients are highly advised and directed to take an over-the-counter supplement called L-Lysine (1,000mg/ daily) for one week prior to the procedure. If you are someone who is highly prone to cold sores we strongly recommend you speak with your doctor and request a prescription for Valtrex. This must be started 2 days prior, the morning of your procedure, and the following 4 days after the procedure. This is to ensure proper healing and to avoid an outbreak. Valtrex (valacyclovir) is a common antiviral medication used to treat cold sore infections.



Customizable Color:

When choosing your color, we consider your desired look! Are you looking for a natural lip? Easy to achieve! Are you looking to match your favorite lipstick color you wear every day? Also easy to achieve. Together we pick the perfect color for you based upon your desired look! This is always discussed and confirmed with you before we start any procedure.