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Have you been considering Permanent Makeup, but not exactly sure what information you should be researching to help make your decision?  Has sterilization ever crossed your mind? Let me tell you, you are not the only one! I urge Clients to ask me about the products we use and if they are safe. Often and not uncommon, the majority of this conversation is centered around the needles and pigments we use. 

As an artist my whole life, it has always been important to me to purchase and use high quality paint brushes. It makes a difference in my work, like the way thin “hairs” are closely placed together to allow for the flexibility you need in creating different lines and shading.  The quality of the brush also effects the cleanliness of your work. The same thing goes for the needles I choose to work with today. The only difference now is I need to always take in consideration my client’s safety. Your face is my living canvas. 

I was inspired to write this blog after scrolling through my normal social media.

I noticed a well named artist using a needle that didn’t have a safety membrane!

This probably doesn’t mean anything to you right now, or maybe this is the first time you are hearing the term “safety membrane”, or that anyone even thought to bring this to your attention. When I saw this image of the artist working with a needle without a safety membrane, it literally caught me by surprise. I remember thinking to myself “Is this for real? No, it must be a mistake?” I was in complete confusion! My curiosity led me to click further onto this and other artist’s pages to check out their photos and live video content. I was baffled! I found many were not using needles that had a safety membrane… I sat back and reflected on myself as an artist and thought back to my core beliefs. It made me appreciate the education I’ve invested in and what lead me to be the kind of Permanent Makeup artist I am. I don’t know the reason why the artists choose to use these types of needles. Maybe it was due to lack of education? Or maybe it was just because the needles are in-expensive? Whatever their reason, I know it is important for me to stay true to who I am as an artist and help educate not only other artists but also my clients!! It is imperative for me to voice why it is SOOOO IMPORTANT for you to hear this information.

Which brings me to my next statement… 

Another common question that people often ask me is, why am I priced higher than some of the other artists around me? My education in this this industry and artistry surpasses others, but that’s just one of the many other reasons why my prices are set the way they are. How about the fact that every client gets an experience when they walk through our door. I could go on and on about the values we hold here as Artists at Taylor’d Beauty, but the purpose of this article is to educate you about the equipment and products and why we use them. As I expressed earlier, I like to align myself and the company with the highest quality of products on the market. Here at Taylor’d Beauty, ALL OF OUR NEEDLES HAVE A SAFETY MEMBRANE. I chose to partner Taylor’d Beauty with the leading innovators in Permanent Makeup to offer our clients the highest quality of technology and needles. We are exclusive partners of Amiea.

 Amiea, at 10 years, is the worlds largest manufacturing company in sterilized needles for Permanent Makeup and the leading innovators in new technology and pigments. We know every single ingredient that goes onto our clients. Last February 2019, I had the opportunity to visit the Amiea’s manufacturing headquarters in Berlin, Germany. This was a very enlightening experience. I got to see firsthand how each needle is inspected by human hand over and over and over again! Yes, that’s correct, each needle is inspected individually, 3 different times during the production stage! And each individual needle is properly assembled and sterilized with a safety membrane. 

At this point you are probably wondering what exactly is a safety membrane and how it is relevant to you as a client.. Well for starters, needles that DO NOT have a safety membrane are ultra “cheap.” Safety membranes are extremely important in the tattooing industry, period. Their main purpose is to stop a clients body fluid from entering the handpiece or device, limiting the chance for cross contamination! 

The image below is of a safety membrane. It is highly recommended you look for this before your artist starts working on you. Any artist should be MORE than willing and happy to show you YOUR needle before starting the procedure. Don’t be afraid to ask! 

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If you are a technician reading this article and this information is new to you, I hope this brings new light! It is recommended, as technicians, you check your needle’s LOT numbers. It is strongly encouraged that you take the cartridge test on yourself. If you see pigment leaking out of the cartridge, this is a sign your needle can infect your handpiece or device and you are spreading cross contamination. Another test is to take the tip of your handpiece or device and whip the inside of it. If you see any pigment this is a HUGE RED FLAG. At that point I would highly urge you to immediately stop working on clients and look into investing in proper equipment. 

Proper equipment isn’t cheap. However, the benefits will most definitely out way any legal cost you may run into later down the road if using cheap equipment and needles. Every technician should take time and responsibility to do their homework when it comes to the industry and who they want to align themselves with. Needles are very important, and I would say it is probably the most important investment.

Lastly, have you considered the drawing pencils you use on clients? How about the pigments your using? What ingredients are they made from? 

As an artist or a client, you should know every ingredient entering your skin! And to answer your next question.. Yes, at Taylor’d Beauty we do know EVERY ingredient in our drawing pencils and the pigments we use on our clients. In fact, they are all safe, vegan and animal cruelty free! For more information on the products we use, do not be afraid to ask us at your consultation! We take pride in our education equally as much as we do the products. We want to properly educate you as a client so you know exactly what we are putting into YOUR body! 

For more, you can visit our website; www.taylordbeauty.com or our exclusive brand partner Amiea. www.amiea.com 

We thank you for taking the time to read this article! We hope it has enlightened you and helped you in choosing your permanent makeup artist!