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Permanent Makeup Services - Lips

Fine Line Tattoos

Essentially, they’re exactly what they sound like. A fine line tattoo is a subtle, delicate, and thin tattoo. Fine line tattoos often appear softer in shading as well as more delicate in their linework than other types of tattoos.

To get a fine-line tattoo, your tattoo artist will either use a single needle or a combination of small needles or Nano needles.

Because they’re so discreet, everyone can get one without having to make a bold statement about their body. In fact, because of evolving technology (nano needles) fine lines tattoos have grown in popularity. Plus, if you want to join the tattoo community without getting a thicker and bolder type of tattoo, fine lines offer a beginner-friendly entry point into the tattooing world.

Artist Pricing

All bookings require a $100.00 deposit down to hold the reservation

Master Artist:


Taylor has over 6+ years of experience in Tattooing. National Award-Winning Artist.

Service price is charged by the hour for any tattoo pieces larger than 2 inches.

We offer different Options for you..


Flash Tattoos

FLASH TATTOOS PRE-DRAWN TATTOOS FROM OUR COLLECTION or design is APPROVED by Artist. These tattoos are smaller than 2inches and will take the artist around 1hour. These tattoos often look great placed in a collection in a small area.

Pricing ranges as followed:

1 tattoo under 2 inches


2 tattoos each under 2 inches


3 Tattoos each under 2 inches



Have your own tattoo idea in mind?

Send us your design/ idea. We will help you with the size and customization to your body.

All designs must be submitted and approved by the artist 1 week prior to the appointment.

All tattoos larger than 2 inches will be charged at our hourly rate of $175/hr.

Have your artist create your dream piece